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Ludo Foundation Professor of Business Management.

Prior to joining the AIM in 1973, he worked successively for a public utility, a merchant bank and a family holding company, while at the same time teaching at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Prof. Limlingan is currently with the Center for Development Management where he is undertaking research on strategies for development and development finance. He has also been assigned to degree and non-degree programs and handles courses in marketing, finance, business strategy, and public policy. He teaches Asian Business Systems and Asian Equities in the Master in Business Management program.

In 1983, Prof. Limlingan went on study leave to pursue a doctorate in business administration at the Harvard Business School. While at HBS, his previous research on the Overseas Chinese was completed and submitted as his doctoral dissertation. This was subsequently published into a book: The Overseas Chinese in ASEAN: Business Strategies and Management Practices.

In 1986, he went on work leave to serve as deputy to the Philippine executive director at the Asian Development Bank. During that period, as part-time member of the AIM faculty, he undertook research on public policies for a developing country. From such research has evolved various legislative proposals on Kalakalan 20, the Overseas Workers Investment Fund and the Educational Voucher Plan.

In 1989, a collection of selected papers written in the course of his professorial career was published into a book : The Visible Hand and the Developing Economy: Essays on Management in Southeast Asia.

From 1992 to 1996, he wrote a weekly column, “Executive Agenda,” for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

In 1996, at a joint seminar co-sponsored by the Wharton Graduate School of Business and AIM, he presented a paper on “Managing a Securities Brokerage Seat.”

In 1997, at the Asia-Pacific Family Business Conference sponsored by the American Management Association and Lembaga Pendidikan dan Pembinaan Manajemen held in Bali, Indonesia, he presented a paper on “Management Succession in Asian Family Corporations.”

In 1998, his collection of columns written for the Philippine Daily Inquirer from 1992 to 1996 was published into a book, Asian Financial Management: Insights on Banking and Finance.

In 1999, his article on “The Asian Crisis as Failure in Strategy” was published by The Asian Manager.

In 2000, he presented the following papers:

In 2001, he presented the following papers:

  • Reflections on Development Management
    A paper summing the lessons learned over ten years of teaching and researching on development management presented to a forum of AIM Master in Development graduates.

  • Twilight of the Oligarchs
    An article written for the Philippine Daily Inquirer arguing that the Philippine oligarch are in decline.

In 2002, he presented two diverse papers:

In 2003, his work was focused on undertaking confidential studies for several clients.

In 2004, he has so far presented two papers based on his concept paper, “Winning with Superior Strategy despite Inferior Resources":

As policy maker, he was appointed board member of the Civil Aeronautics Board under then President Ramos from 1992-1997, he has advocated a more liberal civil aviation policy (see paper, Civil Aviation Liberalization: 1992-1997 by Victor S. Limlingan, Board Member, Civil Aeronautics Board 1992-1997). Such policies have resulted in the opening of more Philippine international airports, the liberalization of international aviation, the deregulation of aviation, and the entry of Federal Express at Subic.

As policy analyst, he wrote several papers among which were “Open skies: Is it time for the Philippines?” presented at the Policy Center of the Asian Institute of Management.

As policy advocate he engaged in several policy forums such as the Management Association of the Philippines and was a co-founder of Freedom To Fly Coalition, an organization devoted to assuring that consumer-passengers are provided the widest alternatives in air transport.

Together with his wife, Marita, Prof. Limlingan owns and manages Regina Capital Development Corporation, a member of the Philippine Stock Exchange; and Vita Development Corporation, a venture company. He has also set up Cristina Research Foundation, a think-tank which undertakes public policy studies for government agencies. In April of 2001, together with some partners, he organized Cristina Travel Corporation to cater to the upscale outbound travel market.

As a management professional, he sits on the boards of Sika Philippines, a subsidiary of Sika International of Switzerland, and the R. Jorge Group of Companies.

As management consultant to Development Alternatives Inc., an American company under contract with the United States Agency for International Development, he has undertaken consulting work for the Department of Finance and the Department of Tourism. He has also been a consultant of Banco Filipino since 1990.

As a resource person, Prof. Limlingan has been invited to numerous forums which include: the Country Managers Meeting of CARE International where he gave a briefing on the Asian financial crisis and the Academic Conference on Competitive Policy sponsored by the National Economic and Development Authority where he presented his views on the state of competition policy in the Philippines. He has also been invited as a Fellow of the Foundation for Economic Freedom.

As a civic-minded citizen, Prof. Limlingan serves as trustee and treasurer of Katutubong Filipino Foundation which is dedicated to reviving and developing Philippine indigenous materials. He also serves as trustee of the Anthony C. Aguirre Memorial Foundation and consultant of Venture for Fund-Raising. Together with a priest and a former student, he has formed Food for the Soul, a marketing arm designed to source and market the food items produced by religious congregations. In July of 2001, together with members of civil society, he helped organize the Consumer First Foundation.

Prof. Limlingan received his Master in Business Management and Bachelor of Arts (major in engineering) degrees from the Ateneo de Manila University (1966 and 1964). He received his Doctor of Business Administration from Harvard University (1986).

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