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Winning through Superior Strategy With Superior Resources Against the CPP-NPA Philippine Army Senior Leaders Conference 18 March 2004
Reflections on LGU Strategies Seminar on Development Management
LGU as Leaders and Managers of Change
3 March 2004
Financial Disclosure: Post Enron JBF Center for Banking and Finance November 2002
Reviving the Philippine Economy: A Doable Monetary Policy Prescription JBF Center for Banking and Finance 24 July 2002
Making Democracy Work in the Philippines All Parties Summit 29 May 2002
Twilight of the Oligarchs Washington Sycip Policy Forum 02 July 2001
Reflections on Development Management Development Forum 13 March 2001
Philippine Challenges to Capital Market Development Washington Sycip Policy Forum 22 November 2000
Globalization & Competition: The World Scenario & Philippine Realities 36th PMAP National Conference, Waterfront Hotel, Lahug, Cebu City 27-30 September 2000
Briefing on Demutualization
Philippine Stock Exchange 12 September 2000
Winning with Inferior Resources: A Superior Strategy for Helping the Poor  AIM Occasional Paper 27 July 2000
Civil Aviation Liberalization
Why it should be implemented!
Management Association of the Philippines 10 July 2000
From Fat to Fit
Integrating finance into marketing
(full write-up)
31st National Marketing Conference Philippine Marketing Association, Inc. PICC Manila 23 May 2000

From Fat to Fit
Integrating Finance into Marketing
(slide show)

31st National Marketing Conference, Philippine Marketing Association, Inc., PICC Manila 23 May 2000
Securitization for the Housing Sector JBF Center for Banking and Finance 18 May 2000
Public and Corporate Governance In the Philippine Securities Industry: Quo Vadis

Philippine Economic Society

31 March 2000
Financial Management in the Philippines

Finance for Senior Executives, AIM

28 February - 17 March 2000
The Role of Air Transportation in Tourism Development Travel & Tourism Summit
Manila Hotel 
22 June 1999
The Asian Crisis as Failure in Strategy- page 1|2|3 The Asian Manager Special Entrepreneurship Issue 1999
Succession Strategies in Southeast Asia: successes & failures Asia-Pacific Family Business Conference, Bali, Indonesia 5-7 November 1997
Managing a Securities Brokerage House Joint AIM-Wharton Seminar 14 May 1996
The Limlingan Financial Model The Asian Manager August 1993
Ed Abenina on my mind Philippine Daily Inquirer May 1993
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