13.  GHAZALA MEENAI [] thanx
Dear Sir,
i have been reading some of your papers you have put on your website.I think this is a very good gesture on your part to share all this with us,because so many times we miss out on some very good things by simply being lazy or too preoccupied with other things. This will enable us to update ourselves with what your current thought processes are even after we leave AIM. I have benefitted immensely from your classes and look forward to keeping in touch with you through your website. many thanks
warm regards
12.  Joseph C. Limlingan [] JUST WONDERING.......
Are you sir related to Luciano Limlingan? Hoping to hear from you.
11.  Leonardo V. Mabale [] Thanks a Lot!
Dear Professor,
You just concluded with us the course on Asian Business Systems for EMBA Manila 3. I meant every applause I made as you end your morning session. I really felt you did not hold out on us and were very unselfish in your teaching approach. You have widen my perspective as an Asian manager/leader. I hope I can have the privelege of hearing you again in the future.

Best regards to you and your family,

10.  LTC MANUEL A DIOQUINO OS (GSC) PA [] Message of Appreciation
Dear Doc Limlingan,

I was one of the 51 Army Officers who underwent a 5-day Strategic Human Resource management from 21-25 Jan 2002 at AIM. I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for awakening us on the real directions to take given the Army setting.
All the concepts given to us were exactly the missing links to trigger & synergize our Managemen Paradigm Holdings .
More power to you, sir , we really appreciate you and your staff's competence and your unselfishness to share such great paradigms. Please feel free to contact us, if you needed some also of our expertise> My office manages the overall armament, ammunition and explosives of the army. We also extend some seminars/ lectures on bomb identifiaction and Bomb threat response and management.

See you sir,

Lt Col Manny Dioquino PA
9.  ariel c. hernandez []
you always mesmerize me. you are the best professor in your ranks, with due respect to other professors.

how i wish i can have time to talk with you with other things.
8.  Scott Miller [http://ganesha2001.tripod.com/] Great Website
On behalf of the Year 15 Asociates of the APMCP in North Vancouver Canada, I woulld like to thank you for the time you spent with us last week. This is also a very informative website and is of great use to us all.
7.  Bill Bradberry [http://www.bradwill.net/] Best Wishes
Great resource for those interested in Asian Management and just plain "Good Management"

Keep it up and write some more articles.
6.  J. Luis Faustino []
Congratulations on following your daughters advice and keeping us all up-to-date on your broad ranging activities through your website. As one of the many overseas Filipinos,I find your work very inspiring and encouraging. I am referring your article on "winning with Inferior Resources" to my other friends as it is really worthwhile, including the links to Food for the Soul, etc.Thanks and may God continue to bless you, your family and your work. All the best. Louie Faustino
5.  Manuel S. Gaspay []

You've done it again! Congratulations on a nicely designed website. I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy your incisive thinking and writings from this site.

Manny Gaspay
4.  Ayesah Uy Abubakar [http://www.members.tripod.com/Ayesah/index1.htm] Doing Good and Doing Well!
Despite of my limited comprehension and appreciation of studying Finance Management at AIM, I have to admit that I enjoyed it so much if only because I am starting to imbibe Prof. Limlingan's maxim of "doing good and doing well!"
I am just too happy to have crossed paths with you Prof. Limlingan!
And thank goodness that you listen to your dear daughter for producing this site!
3.  Josephine K. D. Kadha - Nina (MDM 2002) [] Congratulation!!
Congratulation Sir, glad that you have this website so we can always get the update news about you as our favorite professor!!!
2.  Syed Imran [] Congratulations!!
Congratulations Sir!

I like the outlook of your website. I hope to see more of your writings over time.

Best regards
MBM 2002 Blue
1.  Web Master [] Dear Welcome!
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