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At the gentle prodding of my daughter, Cristina, I have decided, even though late in the game to establish my personal website.

Having been a Professor of the Asian Institute of Management since 1973, I have amassed quite a number of students. This website will be my way of informing them that their teacher is still alive and well. More than that, this should assure them that their teacher is still ardently committed to pushing the frontiers of management knowledge.

For those whose lives I have been unable to touch through the classroom, this website is a belated attempt to disseminate more widely some of the intellectual capital that in my grand conceit I presume to have built up.

In any case, I have enjoyed counting my intellectual capital and hope that you will find as much enjoyment in combing through it.

Current Activities

Professor of the Asian Institute of Management
I am presently expanding the application of my theme of Superior Strategy with Inferior Resources to Public Policy Reforms. I have completed two papers on Financial Disclosures Post Enron and ASEAN Central Banking:Comparative Public Policy Analysis. I am presently at work on Policy Reforms in the Philippine Mining Industry.
Independent Director
I presently serve as independent director in private corporations such as Landco, R. Jorge Group of Companies, in public corporations such as Bukidnon Forests, Inc. and Mindanao Peace and Development Fund and in private associations such as the Philippine Association of Private Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAPSCU).
Chairman of Cristina Travel Corporation
I am presently serving as Chairman of this newly formed travel agency. The agency seeks to tap high networth individuals by offering them superior service and new product lines.
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